The issues with enrollment at the college go beyond COVID-19

Maritime Science Instructor Eldon Russell weighs in on the College Crippling Computer System

“Students were told to go on-line to register, and when they tried to register the system (CampusNexus/Anthology) did not work and there was no support for them to enroll, they got frustrated and many enrolled with other colleges”

“This system was purchased by the college knowing that the vendor had no experience with this type of ERP”

“Faculty and Staff have both sent a vote of no confidence in CampusNexus/Anthology and were promised at the December 2020 board meeting that if CampusNexus/Anthology was not completely fixed by February 2021 that the college would begin changing direction and moving away ASAP but that has not happened”

“I believe the taxpayers of this county and the staff at CCC deserve more.”

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