Why This Site

When I was elected to the Clatsop Community College Board of Education in 2019, I was excited. I expected to be working with some of the best and brightest in Clatsop County. I expected to be playing above my league.

I was disappointed.

The problem with local politics is it too often attracts incompetents. Zealots, Hobbyists, Self-Promoters, and the Vain – those who want to brag about being in elected office. Sadly, I believe this describes most of the current board.

The number of genuinely competent people in elected office – on both sides of the aisle – is staggeringly low. More so at the local level.

In short order, I discovered that – in my opinion – only two members of the board were there for genuine selfless public service. I believe that most of the board is wholly incompetent in every respect. I can offer no greater evidence for this than the series of decisions leading to and perpetuating the current crises at CCC. In simple terms, they are just not up to the job.

The over 1000 students who left CCC because the College Crippling Computer System could not process their financial aid or register them deserved better. They deserved better than broken dreams and missed opportunity that may never come around again. These are people whose lives have been unalterably negatively impacted by the poor decisions of the Board.

CCC has dedicated, hard working Faculty and Staff who have done incredible things in the face of Covid and the College Crippling Computer System. They deserve better.

Clatsop County deserves better.

This election is not about partisan politics. The candidates I recruited were recruited for their unique capabilities. Every one is endorsed by members of both major parties. I don’t know the party affiliations of most of the people who recommended the candidates, and I did not know the party affiliations of the candidates when I recruited them.

This election is about a choice: A choice between the status quo that created and perpetuated the crises, and new Board members uniquely qualified to lead Clatsop Community College back to greatness.

Tim Lyman