Academic and Transfer Programs

While the academic programs at CCC were not hit as hard as Trade/Technical, they were still devastated.

CCC has relied on local high schools to carry the burden of recruitment for too long. Clatsop Community College needs to reach out directly to local high school students to discover what each student wants in their future, and how CCC can help them achieve that future.

Clatsop Community College must also reach out to high school graduates who, after a year or two in the workforce, are discovering their need for post secondary education.

The College’s current graduation rate is 35%. This is a dismal embarrassment.

CCC obviously needs to work much harder retaining students. The current retention emphasis on students with both poor academics and poor lifestyles – those who will most likely fail regardless – needs to reorient to students who can and will succeed. We need to help good students with lifestyle issues overcome those issues, and help mediocre students making good lifestyle choices do better academically.