Distance Education

Clatsop Community College Faculty and Staff were given only two weeks notice that they would need to move classes online to meet Governor Kate Brown’s COVID shutdown emergency orders.

They performed heroically.

As great a job CCC Faculty and Staff did, they were competing against well established distance education offerings that had had years to work out all their bugs. Add that to the financial aid and registration issues, and who can blame students for going elsewhere?

With a geographically diverse student body, and geographically diverse prospective students, CCC is ideally suited to expand distance education opportunities, while preserving in-classroom education. While CCC is at the population center of Clatsop County, it is at a geographic extreme. Only one quarter of Clatsop County’s 40,000 residents live in Astoria. For most of the County’s residents, CCC is more than a half hour away in each direction.

There are many robust, time tested, inexpensive distance education solutions on the market. CCC is losing students to those who are able to offer these solutions.