Meet Sue Iverson

Sue Iverson

Sue is a longtime local resident, my background includes 18 years service within the Community Education/Workforce Training Department at Clatsop Community College.

With her husband Tom, Suzanne ran Iverson Farms horse facility at Miles Crossing, and Iverson Fencing.

Sue served on the Oregon Community Education Council, including a term as President.

Re-engaging with our community and meeting ever-changing needs is vital to our local community college.

Community colleges are an integral part of our community. They:

            –  Serve academic needs

            –  Provide specialized certification

            –  Provide enhanced skills training

            –  Promote lifelong learning opportunities

My goal as a board member is to continue looking at ways the college can support our community for those wanting to achieve higher academic education as well as continued skills needed to obtain or enhance their employment opportunities.

As a longtime local resident, my background includes 18 years service within  the Community Education/Workforce Training Dept. at Clatsop Community College.  Duties included coordinating  courses/trainings for memberrs of our community and employers to enhance productivity, increase skills and provide general study classes.  As a small business owner, I combined educational training, utilized college offerings to enhance my own needs and acquired needed training throughout my employment with the college.

My focus would be to see both student growth and expanded training opportunities. 

Please consider me for the position of CCC Board Director.


Burton Parker

As owner of Amber Dawn Fisheries and other fishing enterprises, I recognize the need for CCC to have a strong board member,  I have known Suzanne for many years,  She is well-qualified to be a board member.

Bill & Beth Rowland, B-B Quarterhorses

Suzanne would be a great asset to the college as a board member.

Darlene Warren

As a 24 year local business owner and a 12 year school board member, I support Suzanne for:

            –  Strong Clatsop values

            –  Education equality

            –  Quality academic programs

            –  Knows value CCC brings to our community

Bill Antilla

Suzanne is uniquely qualified to serve as a board member.  I believe that she would make an excellent board member and recommend her highly.

Tommy Smith, Owner, Main Street Market